Finding My Calling (The Short Version)

Hello beautiful people! There's some new faces to this page, so I thought I'd say hey and introduce myself! This is more of the abbreviated introduction, but an overview of what led me to the personal and professional path I'm on today.

So the name game, well my name is Marisha and I go by, well, Marisha (ha) and I am your new bite sized ball of fun, inspiration, and you can consider me your digital accountability partner!

I'm originally a Cali girl, who grew up quite the tomboy...I was a basketball head since the moment I could walk  thanks dad! My guy cousins nicknamed me "Shove" because I would push them around whether we were playing sports or not. I was a bit nerdy...I wore glasses, I loved school, I loved to read and write, and I was in the band from 4th-10th grade...I was a woodwind chick; I played the clarinet.

My first jobs at 15 years old was at Jack-in-theBox, Ross and this skate shop, Mainland Surf and Skate. I was fascinated by kids and family dynamics for as long as I could remember and in high school, one of the electives I had from 10th-12th grade was in the PACE Lab - The Parent And Child Education Lab was for the students at my school who needed parenting education and childcare services could continue their education. 

I was always considered the brave girl. There was really nothing in life I wouldn't try at least once if I was interested. Some things didn't last very long. Other interests stuck with me. One other thing that  stayed with me - that I was totally unaware of for years - was a negative self-perception, particularly how I viewed my body. Because I was an athlete, I had a muscular build which during that time, was not celebrated the way "social media fitness junkies" are today.

Over my adolescent years, well into my early 20s, I adopted insecurities about who I was and how I looked. Eventually I learned that my self-perception influenced how I showed up in the world, what I accepted for myself, how I interacted with others, what I concluded interactions with them meant, and ultimately, without knowing at the time, each of those connections and perceptions resulted in my day-to-day experiences and quality of my relationships.

My unhealthy mindset and how I viewed myself at the time played out in the world of work - if I was insecure and didn't see the value in myself, how could I feel comfortable negotiating a salary or even apply to particular roles I might have been interested in in the first place.

My poor concept of self was triggered in many of my relationships which resulted in...well, let's just say those are stories for a book on another day. In short, I tolerated BS because I didn't know I deserved better.

The list can go on, but the short of the long is this:

I've had countless experiences and interactions that enriched my life...others that were less than fulfilling and I used to want to forget them. I have been more than open about sharing those not so pleasant experiences because they have contributed to the new me. When I finally started making time to reflect on what I was contributing to my experiences in work, love and life (specifically how I saw myself) and when I began to visualize and proclaim how I wanted things to be instead, my world changed. My shift was of course, not over night considering I had a lifetime of old mindsets to deconstruct, and to be honest, I still work on some things daily.

For the last two years in my role as a RelationSHIFT™ Coach, this is what I've helped others with as well...sweeping away old paradigms that no longer serve them. As a coach to busy professionals nationwide, I stand back on the sidelines to assess where my client's performance (their self-perceptions and mindset patterns) can be improved, how they can re-frame what they think is possible in love and life and ultimately we collaborate of strategies that get them back in the game of life playing to their fullest potential.

I don't tell my clients what to do. I use various approaches - motivational interviewing, REBT, mindfulness and expressive writing - to guide them in the process of defining what happiness and success in love and life looks like for them. And as their bite size ball of fun, inspiration and digital accountability partner, I simply provide them with the tools they need to practice showing up in the world each day according to the narrative they choose to live by!

So, if you've found your way to my page, it was not by was by design. Maybe we crossed paths for you to share my work with a friend or loved one. Maybe I can be a support to you - now or in the future. The reason will always reveal itself, so no need to rack our brains on that. The point is you're here now and I hope it's of benefit to you in some way.

Feel free to check out my stories and IGTV posts (I am starting to be more consistent there), but also, here on my website ( as I will update this platform with more resources to help busy professionals like you rethink what's possible in love and life!! Wherever you are, stick around, say hi, leave comments or share when you feel compelled!!

Glad we are now connected,

Ms. Marisha