20 Random Facts About Me

Some of these things you may can guess if you know me or follow my social channels...other items on this list may seem completely random! But I thought I'd share a few fun facts about me so we can get a little more acquainted! 

nerd alert.jpg
  1. Growing up, I was a tomboy and would never be caught in heels, dresses, anything pink, or makeup!
  2. I think I’m part Martian because I was born with a pinky on each of my pinky fingers. Yes, that is correct…I was born with 12 instead of 10 fingers
  3. I am a natural born teacher and I believe education is the key to change
  4. My best friends are my twins! Yep, my brother and sister are twinsies :)
  5. My secret passions are to become a race car driver, media mogul (including being a DJ, music and TV/Movie Director). OMG so fun
  6. I’m addicted to journals and notebooks with vibrant colors and inspirational quotes
  7. Basketball is my favorite sport, but I ran track in college
  8. I never cut my hair until my senior prom...sometimes I will grow it out, but I have been chopping it in different styles ever since
  9. I stole my mom's car when I was 3 years old (don't leave me unattended haha)...and tried to run away when I was 11 because she wouldn't let me go to a Brandy concert (I didn't make it passed the threshold haha)
  10. I went ziplining for the first time in Sydney, Australia (overlooked the Taronga Zoo)
  11. I LOVE Mexican food and anything the lovely folks in New Orleans serve ya (sooo good)
  12. Favorite Artists for varying moods: Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Big Sean, Ludovico Einaudi, Ryan Leslie.Bob Marley)
  13. Sleep and conversations about life make my soul smile
  14. Biggest childhood mistake: In 1st (or 2nd) grade I pretended I couldn't read the letters on the eye exam because I thought glasses were cool and I really wanted some...horrible mistakes, I had migranes forever until my secret was revealed 
  15. I played the clarinet and was in the school band from 4th grade to 10th grade
  16. I was in drama/theater in high school and joined the Black Repertory Theater Group my senior year in college...I was Lady in Blue in the final play of the year, 'For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Wasn't Enough'
  17. BUCKETLIST: Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Bali, Costa Rica (in no particular order)
  18. Worst Things EVER: Crying babies sitting behind you on a flight, Traffic jams of any kind (particularly in LA), being hungry or sleepy, but forced to concentrate on something or someone
  19. I once ate my booger on a live radio show to win front row tickets to a 50 Cent concert. I took my bff who is also a twin from my hometown
  20. NEXT STEPS: drink more water, create multiple streams of passive income, spend more time/call family and friends more often, work in communities and companies to improve how their people live, work and love, and travel the world