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Ms. Marisha

RelationSHIFT™ Coach helping busy
professionals rethink what’s possible
in love and life

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My gifts of igniting change in others has illuminated my professional endeavors as a counselor and educator to youth and adults and as a matchmaker and coach to busy professionals nationwide. Through mindfulness and expressive writing, I found my voice, built my mental and physical health, and followed my passion of guiding others to redefine and live out their version of happily ever after – in life, work, and love.



Are you seeking guidance from a professional coach that offers fresh perspectives to help SHIFT how you see your experiences in life, work, or love? Have you been in search of someone who listens, is trustworthy and will hold you accountable to make choices that align to the new narrative you wish to live by? Let’s connect! I have a Masters in Educational Leadership and more than 10 years of experience with curriculum and program development that has impacted thousands of children, young adults and their families across the country. As a former Division I, collegiate level athlete and having served as a coach to over 100 professionals nationwide, I’ve cultivated an unmatched knack for motivating others to achieve their goals. My silent struggle through my “mid-20s life crisis” sharpened my passion for storytelling, my belief in the power of authenticity and vulnerability and appreciation for adversities in life – all of which have become tools I use to help others assign new meaning to harmony, purpose, connection and success.



Client Review

My marriage of 35-years had unraveled, and I was experiencing a weird sense of freedom and anger simultaneously. I found myself distracted at work, daydreaming, preoccupied with all of life’s demands and experiencing anxiety and self-doubt, while engaging in risky, self-destructive personal behavior. Now those difficulties - relocating to a new city, starting a new job, meeting new employees, arranging for a new home and still dealing with the divorce process – were handled with a less stress. Probably most important, I have no regrets about the past. Rather, I am looking to create value every day, and looking forward to the future.
— - Earl, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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